why hello there!

HIIII! I FINALLY have a full day of eats to post haha. This weekend has been really relaxing and laid back, just what I needed. All my roomies are gone, so it’s been kinda weird being alone in the apt, but nice at the same time.
For breakie I made a lovely bowl of oatmeal…1/2 c oats, 1/2c h20 and milk, half banana whipped in, topped w/ rest of banana, maple syrup, cinnamon, and some mighty maple pb…good way to start off the day:)
it was almost 60 degress here today so I ran to the gym, lifted for a little while, and ran back…it was the most perfect day to be outside:)
for lunchie i had made a salad with some spinach, leftover salmon, carrots, cucumbers with balsamic on top…i also had a piece of toast w/ almond butter and blueberry preserves(so yummy)
i’ve been doing a whole lotta nada this afternoon and that’s cool with me:) i munched on some honey wheat pretzels and an apple at some point and just finished my din din…mushroom mozarella boca burger, sweet potatoe w/ leftover laughing cow cheese, and mixed veggies…loved it! this was my first time trying this burger and it was really tasty!
now i’m just watching some wedding crashers…usually i’d be getting ready to go out, but I’m not sure I’m feeling it tonight…we’ll see
i’ll probs be having some ice cream a little later though thats fo sho:)

so i need to update my workout playlist…if anyone has any good suggestions for songs that always pump them up, let me know!!

have a wonderful saturday night:)



let me rewind a little for ya since i didn’t get home till like 11:45 last night and was just too tired to post. I forgot to take pics of my lunch that I brought onto campus, but it consisted of half a peanut butter and banana sandwhich and the other half was hummus, laughing cow, spin, red pepper, and a little salsa…i also had a homemade lara bar thing I made over winter break and a coffee before class. After class I snacked on maybe 1/8 c or so of pumpkin pie trail mix from target(sooo good!). I had to have an early din because I left for work at 6…but it was a good dinner none the less! I made some Annie’s white cheddar whole wheat macaroni and cheese, added some tuna and spinach…very delicioso:)
(on top of a text book)
this combo held me over really well, but at around 10 I munched on this peanutbutter pretzel granola bar thing…i think they were stale when I bought them cause they are hard as a rock:(

moving on to this morning i had a wonderful bowl of cereal
the last of my pb puffins(so sad!), kashi go lean crunch, raspberries, 1/2 banana with almond butter sandwiched in, and 1% milk

on the agenda for today:3 hour class from 11-2 womp, womp…then i plan on taking body sculpt at the gym, coming home to do some hw before my night class

i have to pack lunch for my class today, but i think i’m just gonna bring a yogurt, clif bar, an apple, and something else to have before the gym

see ya later babies<3

it’s been awhile

sorrrry it’s been so long since I posted:( superbowl sunday was a ton of fun, and believe me I ate A LOT of food…but it was delicious!! I didn’t get home to midday yesterday and had to quickly go to my 3 hr class and then was just lazy last night…so i’ll start fresh today!

i had a breakfast cookie this morning w/ 1/3 c oats, 1/2 scoop choco protein powder, half banana, scoop of pb, and raisins on half, with a sprinkle of cinnamon…it was quite yummy!
**sorry this is an old pic, i thought i uploaded the new, but it’s not there, my b!

so on the agenda for today is:
*yoga/ a little treadmill run
*working till after 11(womp.)

hopefully i’ll be back tonight with the rest of my eats!

i think i’m gonna have some hot chocolate right now….:)

superbowl sundayyy

Happy Sunday everyone:)
sorry i’ve been so MIA this weekend…you didn’t miss much though…just lots of oatmeal, pb sandwiches, etc.
i’m sooo excited for the superbowl today! I’m without a doubt a hardcore Giants fan, but my mom is from pittsburgh, so I’ve always cheered for the Steelers! I’m actually going to pittsburgh in a few minutes with a good friend from school, so we can go to her family partayyy(heck yess yummy food!)
parties like this used to be a challenge for me, because i get anxious sometimes if i don’t know how foods are prepared, especially if they’re fatty, not-the-healthiest types of food. since i’m trying to gain weight and enjoy food like i used to, i’m using today as a way to let go and not worry about it!
i woke up kinda early this morning, especially after being out late, but i needed to get some work done before we leave! for breakie i had a delicious bowl of oatmizzzle
1/2c oats, 1/2 c water and milk, egg-white, 1/2 banana whipped in, the other 1/2 on top with cinnamon, a little brown sugar, and a whole lotttta pb<3
i’m packing a clif bar and pure protein bar plus some other snacks to have on the road
i’ll be back tomorrow!!!
have a wonderful sunday and enjoy some foooootbal!