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it’s the weekend!

happy thursday!! it’s the weekend for me hollla hollla:)
I had half a pure protein smores bar this morning before heading to the gym to lift and do a little cardio. when i got back i had a delicious bowl of yogurt, 1/2 scoop chocolate protein power, kashi go lean crunch, with some berries soooo good!
i got some hw done around the apt, had some hot chocolate and munched on some whole grain goldfish(sorry no pic!) and of course had to rush lunch bc i lost track of time before class! oyy i had a might maple and banana sandwich pressed in the foreman with a carrot salad and a pear…yeah idk random!
i had a ridiculously boring class today, then did some work in the library while munching on another unpictured granola bar…it was a cascadia farm peanut butter pretzel one…they’re kinda meh i prob won’t be them again. for dinner i had veggie pizza that was reallly yummy and a side salad!!

so i’m definitely trying to add more snack and bits of this and that into the day in order to gain some weight, but does anyone out there have any other ideas that may have used? id love some suggestions!

i’ll prob have some ice cream later and who know what else!!!
hope everyone has a wonderful evening:)


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  1. * Kiki says:

    Yummy eats today! George Foreman is my husband. And tips for gaining weight, hm. Put a big bowl of nuts/trail mix in a place where you walk by often. Every time you walk past the bowl, take a handful until it’s all gone! That could easily add 800 cals haha. Or put PB, hummus, or dressing on all your fruits and veggies. I have tons more tips so just ask if you need more!

    | Reply Posted 14 years, 1 month ago

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